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Customize your favorite accessories by adding bits of glitz and glamour. We are committed to satisfying the curiosity of your desire for uniqueness by providing you with an outlet for creativity without all the effort.


Crystal Glam by Miracles specializes in customizing high-end electronics with authentic Swarovski crystals. We offer our clients the option to have their products customized for their needs, including original designs and logos.

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Everyone can use a little glam in their life!!

Miracles Espinal, founder of Crystal Glam by Miracles, has been surrounded by shyness and timidity since she was a child. However, when she found the underground music scene in New York City her confidence grew and it allowed her to express herself in ways that had been previously hidden. Consequently, she discovered an inclusive community that made her feel accepted and comfortable. In accordance with this atmosphere of self-esteem, helping others feel good about themselves is something Miracles constantly strives for. Her vibrant personality radiates joy and inspires others to sparkle like the crystals her accessories are known for.


Our mission is to empower people to confidently express their individual style with the help of our high-quality crystal accessories. From jewelry and sunglasses to face masks and custom logos, we offer a variety of options for customers to craft their own unique design that speaks to who they are.. 

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